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Aeroservice Vysoke Myto - picture in heading

Airport data from AIP

Airport Vysoké Myto (LKVM) is public domestic and private international aerodrome.

Following information are taken from AIP Czech Republic, AD 4-LKVM. Its individual parts are available for free download in PDF format directly from web of Czech Aeronautical Information Service on following links:

For their reading and/or printing there is necessary some kind of reader, for example Adobe Acrobat Reader (25-40 MB, size depends on version, freeware) or Foxit Reader (6.6 MB, freeware).

Location 3 km SE Vysoke Myto (N49°55'37" E16°11'09")
Elevation 301 m / 988 ft
Operational availability VFR day / night
Call sign
INFO 130.605
Aircraft types aeroplanes, helicopters, gliders, powered gliders, ultralight aircraft, free balloon
Operational Hours 15 APR - 15 OCT SAT, SUN, HOL 0700 - 1400 (UTC)
otherwise on request
Customs and immigration clearance On request
MON - FRI 24 HR in advance
SAT, SUN, HOL 48 HR in advance
Visas are not granted.
Landing fees 50 CZK/t
night 200 CZK/hr
international clearance 300 CZK/ACFT
Aerodrome operator Aeroklub Vysoke Myto, see Contacts
Fuel grades aviation petrol 100 oct.
Oil grades Aeroshell 100, Aeroshell W100, Aeroshell 15W50
Hangar space Limited (on request)
Repairs Limited, on request 8 hours in advance
Accommodation 20 persons in aerodrome facilities, to book 24 HR in advance
or hotels in the town Vysoke Myto
Transportation taxi, bus, train (line 018, stop Džbánov), official car

Local Traffic Regulations and Restriction

Information about this AD is not continually actualized by NOTAMs.

Airspace above AD is a part of MTMA Pardubice.

The traffic circuits are to be carried out to the south. The traffic circuit altitude is 2000 ft / 610 m AMSL.

After departure from RWY 30L/30R carry out the crosswind turn before housing area of town Vysoke Myto.

For international flights it is necessary to ask an approval of aerodrome operator in advance.

RWYs 12L and 30R are equiped by nonstandard lights. Glide path indication is informative only with regard to nonstandard location of APAPI lights.

Outside operational hours arrivals at AD LKVM are allowed only after prior agreement with AD operator (check of movement areas serviceability).

Additional Information

Domestic traffic is carried out according to conditions valid for Public domestic aerodrome.

Aerodrome Chart

adc.png, 84 kB

Visual Operations Chart

voc.png, 791 kB

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