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Maintenance and repairs of aircraft

Based on Maintenance Organization Approval (AMO) , in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2042/2003, Annex I, Part M, Section A, Subpart F, No. CZ.MF.0015, we are able to make maintenance and repair works of following aircraft types:

Repair of L-200 Morava aircraft engine

Repair of L-200 Morava aircraft engine

  • Zlín Z-26, Z-126, Z-226M/MS, Z-42/Z-142 series, Z-43 series
  • AI (Let) Z-37 Čmelák
  • AI (Let) L-200A/D Morava
  • Cessna 100/200 series
  • Cessna 300 series
  • Let L-13 SW, L-13 SE
  • Maule M4-7 series
  • Mooney M20 series
  • Piper PA-27, PA-28, PA-31, PA-32, PA-34, PA-44, PA-46
  • PZL 104 Wilga

And also aircraft operated in accordance with Anex II:

  • Let L-40 Meta Sokol


Our employees are able to carry the following operations:

  • standard maintenance
  • repair of airframe structures
  • airframe corrosion protection by means of LPS 3 product
  • maintenance of pneumatic leading edge deicing
  • Cessna SID revisions


You can find our approximate prices of our services in the price list. We would like to point out these prices are informative only and the actual ones are always determined individually based on aircraft / part condition finding, i.e. they are dependent on its state or wear and further possible extrawork.

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