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Maintenance and repairs
of hydraulic, oil and fuel hoses

We are approved for repair services, completion and testing of aircraft hoses. We specialise on on repairs and testing of low-pressure aircraft hoses in accordance with ČSN 13 7821 standard and also high-pressure aircraft hoses in accordance with ČSN 13 7822 standard.

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We make also repairs, completion and testing of aircraft hoses Aeroquip 303, 306, 601/701 and their equivalents Stratoflex 111, 193 and 156 in accordance with MIL-H-879 and MIL-H-58089 standards.

We replace rubber parts of hoses at their repair, fittings are replaced only when needed due to their wear.

We offer

  • repairs, completion and testing of aircraft hoses
  • hoses for low-, mid- and high-pressure applications
  • hoses for hydraulic, fuel, oil and pneumatic aircraft systems
  • technical support at solving of any problems with hoses and their fittings installed in your aircraft
  • European certification — issue of EASA FORM ONE
  • it is possible (on customer demand) to equip the hoses by a fire protection of silicone covered fiberglass sleeve tube — Firesleeve
  • possibility picking up and delivering of your hoses by our contractual shipping service


Real prices are always determined individually on the basis of the findings on the hose set state, ie. depending on the wear of their fittings.

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